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Power Of DAS

R&D strength

Our Vision

Powering the future with innovative lithium battery solutions, driving sustainability and technological advancement across the globe.

Robust collaboration with leading academic universities and research institutes.

Our deep cooperation with academic universities and research institutes enhances our lithium battery innovation for lightweight transportation. This collaboration allows us to integrate cutting-edge scientific research and advanced methodologies, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of battery technology development.

Integrated R&D platform of basic materials, cells, BMS and overall system

Our integrated R&D platform unites materials, cells, BMS, and systems, delivering superior lithium batteries for lightweight transport. This holistic approach ensures peak efficiency and performance, setting new industry standards and driving innovation.

Renewable Solutions for full coverage of varied application

Our renewable solutions provide comprehensive coverage for diverse applications in lightweight transportation. By leveraging advanced lithium battery technology, we ensure optimal performance and sustainability across various platforms, driving the future of eco-friendly mobility

R&D team with over 5500+ senior researchers

Our R&D team, boasting over 500 senior researchers, is at the forefront of lithium battery innovation for lightweight transportation. This extensive pool of expertise fuels our development of cutting-edge, reliable, and efficient battery solutions, propelling the industry forward.

To address critical challenges in fundamental science and engineering applications, collaborating with global experts.

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