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Energy Storage

Lithium battery energy storage is crucial for renewable energy integration, providing reliable backup power and enhancing grid stability. Key advantages include high energy density, long cycle life, fast charging, and minimal maintenance. Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, lithium batteries enable efficient energy management and reduced carbon footprint.

Areas we serve

My lithium battery has a wide range of applications and can be customized for various applications. Please choose your field

Outdoor portable energy storage
This series of batteries are assemblied by high energy density lithium-ion batterycells to ensure greater output power.With all sorts of ports like AC, DC, Type-CUSB, PD and other ports, these battery produtcts are widely used in outdoortravel, emergeney disaster preparation and other scenarios!

Residential Energy Storage
With independent R&D and manufacturing capability of core components ofenergy storage, such as battery cells, modules and BMS, our company’s productscan be widely used in many seenarios like residences, electric powersystems,communication base stations and other scenarios.

Commercial&industrial energystorage system
lntelligent controls; temperature, efficiencies, lifetime, balancing, Safety, and power delivery management. Greenway’s energy storage systems are designed to meet the most demanding applications and to face all kinds of adverse conditions.


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DAS Products

LiFePO4 batteries are very safe and stable, with long cycle life and high power output. They are eco-friendly, work well in various temperatures, and are ideal for energy storage, EVs, and backup power.

EV2W & EV3W Pack Solution:

Being a leader in Electric Vehicle battery technology We at DAS have developed a advance and smart battery packs which is customizable and adaptable for every environment and working conditions.

EV4W Battery Pack Solution:

With the help of our advanced R&D facility and highly qualified and experienced doctors we are able to deliver Pack solution for Cars, Mini trucks, Loaders etc. from a decade.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell System for BUS & Logistics Vehicles:

Hydrogen fuel cells are considered a clean and efficient way of producing energy, as they only emit water and heat as by-products. They can be used for various applications, such as powering vehicles, Buses, Logistic Vehicles, buildings, portable devices and even aircraft and Sub Marines. We at DAS have developed Hydrogen Fuel Cell System for Buses and Logistic Vehicles which is trial and tested by customers and are on road.

DAS Advantage

Das has advanced Digitalized Battery technology - the core of the entire Eco System

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What We Do & Benefits !

We ensure expert guidance, seamless installation, local technical support, robust warranty, and staff training, guaranteeing optimal performance and customer satisfaction with our LiFePO4 battery systems.

We provide comprehensive technical guidance to help you choose the best LiFePO4 battery solutions for your needs.

We offer expert assistance for seamless installation and integration of our LiFePO4 battery systems.

We provide local technical support and maintenance services to ensure optimal battery performance.

We offer a robust warranty program, ensuring quick and efficient resolution of any issues.

Yes, we provide training sessions to equip your staff with the knowledge to operate and maintain the battery systems effectively.


Frequently Asked Questions

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LiFePO4 batteries offer high safety, long cycle life, high power output, eco-friendliness, and stable performance in various temperatures.

LiFePO4 batteries typically last over 2000 charge-discharge cycles, making them highly durable and cost-effective.

Yes, LiFePO4 batteries are exceptionally safe due to their thermal and chemical stability, making them ideal for residential energy storage.

LiFePO4 batteries have a longer lifespan, higher energy density, faster charging, and are more environmentally friendly than lead-acid batteries.

LiFePO4 batteries require minimal maintenance, primarily involving periodic checks for connections and system integrity.

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