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Discover the efficiency of our electrictricycles-your key to reducing operating costs and boosting productivity. l deal foreco-conscious businesses, our tricycles promise sustainability and performance.Invest in the future, ride with us!

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Established in 2019 and strategically located in Indonesia, a global transportation hub, DAS specializes in innovative electric trikes for public transportation, cargo, and special needs. Our state-of-the-art, 70-acre smart factory with over 50,000 square meters of space is accredited by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, ensuring top-tier production capabilities. The DAS brand is synonymous with high-end, new energy three-wheeled vehicles designed to enhance urban mobility and logistics. Trust DAS to deliver exceptional quality and sustainable solutions that meet the evolving demands of transportation.

Why Choose Us ?

Worried about finding an ideal supplier with top technical skills and excellent service? Discover why DAS is the perfect choice for your needs.


We are a direct-to-consumer factory outlet, eliminating middlemen to offer you competitively priced products.


We offer fully customized services with 3D design capabilities to deliver products tailored to your specific needs.


We are a premier directory enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Indonesia.


We have three production bases worldwide, and our three-wheeled electric vehicles and golf carts are bestsellers globally


Offering professional technical services and comprehensive after-sales support to enhance customer satisfaction.


Our Products Series

Leisure Tricycle

Providing rides for kids and seniors offers peace of mind

Load Series

Freight always prioritized,Versatile across all terrains

Enclosed Vehicle

Versatile in any weather: perfect for passengers and cargo alike!

Special Vehicle

Perfect for busy farming seasons, a great logistics helper.

Hot Sale Products

Revolutionize your deliveries with our patented electric trikes—top-tier technology, enhanced convenience, built to last.

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DAS Vanguard
( 30 reviews )
WEIBA 1.8m
( 88 reviews )
Commander 1.8m

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Experience the allure of our cars through authentic, high-quality images. The moment they roll off the production line, you’ll fall in love. As a consumer, you’ll want to drive one home immediately.

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Our Customer Reviews

Real reputation comes from real feedback. Discover the unmatched quality of our electric trikes through the glowing testimonials of our satisfied customers. Experience the difference that genuine endorsements make.

William Scott

As a dealer, this company’s electric trikes sell themselves. Excellent support and marketing materials provided enhance our sales consistently.

Alison Grey

Their electric trikes excel in quality and compliance, making international trade smooth. Logistics support from their team is top-notch, ensuring timely deliveries.

Adam Smith

Their precise specifications ensure quality production. Our partnership enhances efficiency and product standards, making manufacturing seamless.


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